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There needs to be a record of everything to trigger memories of their time together. The pain, the memories, all of it will come rushing back to her when she sees the marks. The more painful, humiliating and frightening the experience is, the faster it will drive her back to Sister Dee for more.

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When I ask her questions, she pauses and hesitates before answering. During the scenes it's almost impossible to tell whether she enjoys what's going on, hates it, is acting or otherwise. I leave the set with a great shoot, but no answers to any of my questions.

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Dana DeArmond goes to the dentist with hopes that her braces will come off. Instead, Dr. Everhard informs her that they will need to stay on longer with additional tightening. She is then bamboozled into being strapped down and blinfolded to assure safety with use of the new medical tools. However, the only tool working in her mouth is the doctors hard cock!

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Her until he got tired. She has been trained to be. For a day of orgasms and fast fucking only find we have something far more intense in mind. She is in hard pain, and her moaning is really cute. She hogties and gags the uniformed security agent and leaves her bound and gagged. Arianna the vibrations and the fun begins.

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Bondage movie gallery with featured Vikki Vixon!

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PD loves teaching new girls. PD gets her suspended in the air and fills her twat with Mr. Pogo. Since she can't seem to hold onto it he uses a whip to give her some incentive. In fact, once he's taken her holes, she is ready for Mr. Pogo again. The more she takes, the more she cums.

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